O’zbekiston Respublikasi Milliy Rassomlik va Dizayn Instituti National Institute of Fine art and Design of the Repulic of Uzbekistan


MUltidisciplinary Skills for Artists' Entrepreneurship


About the project

Funded by the European Commission through the KA2 – Capacity Building for Higher Education action of the Erasmus+ programme, MUSAE will have a duration of 3 years and be implemented between 15th January 2020 and 14th January 2023.

The main aim of the project is to develop Bachelor’s degree program in the field of Entrepreneurs in Arts to prepare future artists in order to enhance in a more effective way their (self) employability and the capacity to access the Creative Economy, as well as establish connections with the other national partners via gaining knowledge about cultural entrepreneurship and arts marketing.


Enhance cooperation with Europe as well as establish connections with the other national partners

To develop the application of management principles to the process of artistic creation. To develop community based campaigns and programs to raise awareness on the value of art education, its relations to sustainable development and future employability

To provide the future artists entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary skills. To engage the arts students (and teachers) in the local, regional and international art scene through internships, exchange programs and joint projects. Encourage mobility of students and teachers.


Online monitoring meeting with NEO representatives An online monitoring meeting was held today with the participants of the “MUSAE: Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists' Entrepreneurship” project in the framework of Erasmus + "Capacity Building in Higher Education". The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the project activities, questions and problems that arose during the project start-up, communication and cooperation plans between the project participants, and the presentation of project news to the general public. “We wish good luck to all members of higher education institutions and non-academic organizations participating in the project in the successful implementation of the project”. May 28, 2020

Kick-off meeting of the MUSAE project Kick-off meeting was planned for March 9-10, 2020 in L’Aquila, Italy. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was held on March 16th by on-line. 14 institutions from 6 countries: Italy, Belgium, Finland, Palestine, Tunisia and Uzbekistan participated in it.



Coordinator: Omonulla Salikhov + 998 71 255-96-91 @ mrdi07@yandex.ru