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MUSAE  (Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists’ Entrepreneurship)

About the project

Funded by the European Commission through the KA2 – Capacity Building for Higher Education action of the Erasmus+ programme, MUSAE will have a duration of 3 years and be implemented between 15th January 2020 and 14th January 2023.

The main aim of the project is to develop Bachelor’s degree program in the field of Entrepreneurs in Arts to prepare future artists in order to enhance in a more effective way their (self) employability and the capacity to access the Creative Economy, as well as establish connections with the other national partners via gaining knowledge about cultural entrepreneurship and arts marketing. 

Kick-of meeting of the MUSAE project


Kick-off meeting was planned for March 9-10, 2020 in L’Aquila, Italy. But due to the Qovid-19 pandemic it was held on March 16th by on-line. 14 institutions from 6 countries: Italy, Belgium, Finland, Palestine, Tunisia and Uzbekistan participated in it.

Monitoring meeting of Uzbekistan NEO

On April 30,2020, an online monitoring meeting of Uzbekistan NEO with the partner universities of Uzbekistan of Erasmus Plus CBHE “MUSAE» was held. During the meeting information about Erasmus+ opportunities was provided.

Virtual monitoring vizit - Mr. Nedal Jayousai NEO Palastine

2020, 1st  July,  Virtual monitoring visit – Mr. Nedal Jayousi-NEO Palestine

Participants: Umida Zunnunova, Fazilat Kodirova, Sayyora Zakirova


Project progresses- overview an activities implemented so far- Federica Tomassoni

Open discussion on results, critically encountered and risk management- all partners

Comments and remarks –Dr. Nedal Jayousi



Online meeting of Fedirica Tomassoni with Uzbekistan partners

2021, January 8, Federica Tomassoni held online meeting with Uzbekistan partners

The first issue of the meeting was the financial report, in which we talked about the purchase and installation of equipment.

The second issue was about online training of partner country universities’ teachers by programme country universities’ trainers. The developing new courses and extending the period of their piloting to students was raised, that was offered from September 2021 to February 2022, we said that we would agree with the administration of the universities and higher education.

The third issue was related to dissemination, and we gave information about the opening of the project’s web page on each university site.

Publication in Erasmus+  
in Uzbekistan 2020

Online workshops and trainings 2021

The retraining sessions for teachers were convened by Programme Country partners on April-June, 2021 in online format.

The first workshop themed “Creating a course on Entrepreneurship in the Arts, the sequel: perspective from a teacher, an institution and the professional field” was run by Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen.

JAMK held MUSAE workshop #2. The purpose was to discuss the following:
•Artist branding
• Artist management (development)
• Sponsorship/partnership agreements

The content was included from

  • The goal is to create a development plan for the artist case introduced in this presentation.
    • The plan serves as a roadmap in the artist development and will give an overall understanding of the commercial potential of artist acts when establishing an international career in music.
    • The development plan helps to clarify key considerations and to manage the ”right things” in order to establish clear goals for the artist and her management team.       
  •    CONSAQ : “Learning from our students”.In this meeting CONSAQ presented some experiences of students or former students who had implemented entrepreneurial initiatives in different fields of sound and musical arts. Some of these initiatives are already standing on their own feet while others have a great potential for becoming business ventures. Through a collaborative path of co-creation and the knowledge acquired in the previous workshops, the key points that underlie the conception and implementation of an entrepreneurial project were identified by participants together.  
  • Interviews with students about their entrepreneurial experience in:
    — multidisciplinary perspectives on composition and performance
    — cognitive development and sound perception.
    — Erasmus+ traineeship, a valuable opportunity to strengthen students’ future careers

    UNIVAQ and ABAQ ran workshop on “Entrepreneurship and territory: some good practices (from videomapping to artists groups)”.


    • Innovative teachings modules:
      Videomapping. How to use audiovisual projection technologies to musealize the city of L’Aquila (M. Lino)
    • From teaching to realization: How to create a Videomapping event (administrative, creative and planning issues) ( Lino)
    • The dissemination of research: How to archive the products of videomapping installations ( Lino)


    • Introduction: Do we need more artists-entrepreneurs or more entrepreneurs who understand the value of art? ( Manganaro)
    • How to use creativity to activate synergies with the territory: some concrete examples where students, entrepreneurs and institutions are a catalyst for the Abruzzo region ( Coccia, F. Fiorillo, S. Manganaro)


    Entrepreneurship teaching involves encouraging students to determine the right questions, be creative and confident enough within their own capacity to take the necessary risks required to succeed. Retraining sessions for teachers held for academic staff of NIFAD, SCU and TTPU gave an opportunity to get know the new best European practices and knowledge.

Publication in Erasmus+  
in Uzbekistan 2021

Business laboratory at the NIFAD 

A business laboratory was established in March 2022 and equipped with an up-to-date computer, a 3D printer, a laser engraving machine, and a duo printer, purchased with funds provided by the MUSAE project. Zununova Umida, Zakirova Sayora, Kasimov Oybek, Rashidov Jamshid, supervise students in the development of business proposals.

Assisted by their teachers, the students learn how to use the equipment in the laboratory to construct creative objects, model and simulate samples, and collections, as well as print out design projects.

JAMK field visit On 31 March 2022 to NIFAD  


The Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent hosted a session, called «Erasmus+ opportunities for institutional cooperation». During the event, information on all areas of the Erasmus + program and information about their projects and best practices were provided by national coordinators and team members of the Higher Education Capacity Building-CBHE projects.

Umida Zunnunova participated in the event with ptresentation named “Implementation of CBHE MUSAE project in Uzbekistan”

The first events during Erasmus+ Week – 2022




International meeting in the frame of Erasmus +CBHE “MUSAE project”

During the visit to the International meeting in the frame of Erasmus +CBHE “MUSAE project” that took place on May 30-June 1 at Conservatory of L’Aquila, Italy, the working groups from the National Institute Of Fine Art And Design Named After Kamoliddin Bekhzod and State Conservatory Of Uzbekistan participated the session on The entrepreneurship and experience concept creation model. Session was held by Jeroen Malaise (Artesis Plantijn – AP), Pia Kreus and Heidi Luck (JAMK University of applied sciences — JAMK), and Inge Simoens (Artesis Plantijn – AP). The working group visited  UNIVAQ,  ABAQ  and MUNDA museum. 

Conservatory of L’Aquila CONSAQ: Working session

University of L’Aquila UNIVAQ: Video mapping Lab

Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila ABAQ: Visit at restoration department; Visit at Munda Museum. 


October 5 , Uzbekistan steering committee discussed launching “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course

Preparation for artistic event by selecting international and interdisciplinary student's group

Dear students, we announce about selection international and interdisciplinary student’s group. Criteria for the selection
1. bachelor and master directions, where new enterpreunerial modules were piloted ( Branding, Fundraising, Artistic enterpreneurship) in the frame of MUSAE project
2. student’s portfolio
3. academic records
4. motivation letter
5. CV
Deadline October 30, 2023

The selection results

MUSAE team congratulate the following students in the selection international and interdisciplinary student’s group

 Yunusova Malika Narimon kizi

 Asatullayeva Shakhrizoda Bahodir kizi

 Nurillayeva Mokhinur Bakhrom kizi

 Kosimova Oygul Oybek kizi

 Axmadjonova Kamolaxon Abror kizi

 Bakhodirov Shakhzod Laziz ugli



Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, November 5, 2023. Problem statement

Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, on November 12, 2023. Idea generation

Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, on November 19, 2023. Testing

Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, on November 26, 2023. Modelling

Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, on December 3, 2023. Business modelling

Sessions on “Entrepreneurship skills in Art, Music and Creativity” course, on December 10, 2023. Idea nomination

Our Contacts

Address: National institute of fine art and design Named after  kamoliddin behzod,

Mironshoh str. 123
Tashkent, Uzbekistan


+998 71  2551892

 Coordinator: Umida Zunnunova